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Our Domain Expertise


Enterprise Networking




Data Center


IT Infrastructure Assessment, Architecture Planning & Solutions Engineering in one Dedicated Team

Our Planning-Driven Design Philosophy Focuses on Optimizing Performance vs. Economic Cost





Planning & Design Services

Architecture Planning & Technology Roadmap Consulting

Design Audit & Architecture Strategy Validation

Comprehensive Solutions Engineering

Systems Sales & Integration Expertise

Our Expertise & Experience : By the Numbers


25 Years+

Systems Integration Experience



Certifications from Industry-leading vendors



Enterprise Implementations Per Year



Network Appliances Deployed

Supported Architectures

Enterprise Networking

Information Security

Cloud & Data Center

Enterprise PBX / Contact Center

Certified Engineering Excellence:









Unparalleled Managed Infrastructure & Managed Support Capabilities

Managed Enterprise Networks


Networking Appliances Controlled, Monitored & Administered by our NOC

Managed Information Security


Firewalls & Other Cybersecurity Controls Monitored, Controlled & Supported by our SOC

Managed Voice, Video & Collaboration


PBX Systems, Gateways and UC Endpoints Configured, Monitored & Supported by our NOC

Service Delivery You Can Trust

Managed Infrastructure Services Offering


Managed Infrastructure

A highly-flexible service model designed to meet needs across the enterprise and  allow for consolidated administration of multiple IT architectures with a single point of contact

From monitoring to configuration management, backup & recovery, tuning and support, we meet our clients’ needs at every step of the infrastructure lifecycle

Configuration management and maintenance service.

Configuration backup.

Policy, configuration & user creation, elimination or modification.

Policies definition and configuration.

Configuration review, tuning and optimization.

Supported Architectures

Enterprise Networking

Information Security

Cloud & Data Center

Enterprise PBX / Contact Center


Network Health Assurance

Our market leading NOC-as-a-Service offering enables clients to ensure the health, performance and availability of their critical infrastructure and applications 24x7x365.

We also offer the ability proactively respond to and resolve potential problems in a cost-efficient and highly-customizable structure.

Infrastucture availability, uptime and health monitoring.

Network Operations Center.

Infrastructure and application performance monitoring.

Proactive problem detection and response.

7x24x365 service coverage.


Maintenance & Support

Comprehensive preventative & corrective maintenance solutions, available as Managed Support or on-Demand offering.

Infrastructure Maintenance & Post-Sales Support

Corrective maintenance service.

Preventative maintenance solutions.

Equipment RMA guarantee.

On-Site and remote support.

Attention and response SLA´s.

National coverage.

Supported Architectures

Enterprise Networking

Information Security

Cloud & Data Center

Enterprise PBX / Contact Center

An Exclusive Option for Our Cisco Clients:

Meet all your Cisco Service Needs for up to 30% Less


24x7x365 Support


Equipment RMA Guarantee


Software Patches & Updates


Guaranteed SLA’s

Guaranteed service 24x7x365

Single point of contact for any need for support and maintenance. Incident management through ITIL processes and ITSM tool for recording and monitoring. 24x7x365 service hours by phone or email.

Attention by certified experts

Follow-up by certified personnel from diagnosis to incident resolution. Support in the implementation of the measures required to solve identified problems and validate the correct operation.

SLA contractual guarantee

SLA levels for ticket service, incident resolution and parts replacement. 3rd level support directly from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Free access to updates and patches

Cisco guaranteed access to software updates, including operating system, patches and firmware versions.

Replacement of Damaged Cisco Direct Equipment

Advanced parts replacement supplied directly by Cisco with 4-hour or Next Business Day (NBD) response times based on customer need and coverage.

EOL / EOS team support option

Optional coverage for equipment with end of support announcement by the manufacturer, including the option to insure parts.

On-site support option and network monitoring

Optional coverage for on-site support, network monitoring, infrastructure management, configuration management, and end-user support (desktop or mobile environment).

1. How does SmartSupport work?

The SmartSupport service is a technical support service that includes incident diagnosis and resolution, guaranteed access to operating system and / or firmware updates, and guaranteed replacement of failed equipment, all under SLAs committed by Orben and backed by Cisco.

2. How much can I save with the SmartSupport?

Costs and savings vary based on your support needs, coverage period, and the type of equipment each client seeks to cover. However, the SmartSupport generates significant savings in more than 95% of the proposals we issue. Although your case could vary, most clients achieve savings between 15% and 30% versus the cost of traditional SmartNet.

3. Are there any benefits of SmartSupport in addition to saving?

With SmartSupport, Orben is responsible for the client’s needs from the first moment until the resolution of the incident. The customer does not have to dedicate the technical resources or man-hours required to coordinate with the manufacturer’s TAC. These services are provided by Orben without the need for a separate purchase of a remote support policy at partner level.

In addition, if the client so desires, the SmartSupport model allows integrating support policies under a master policy with other Orben services, including registration, cancellation and change services (ABC’s), preventive and / or corrective maintenance in site, Cybersecurity incident management provided by our certified SOC, health and performance monitoring provided by our NOC, or end user support through our Service Desk.

4. Is SmartSupport the same as SmartNet?

From the customer’s point of view, the scope of service and guarantees are functionally the same between SmartSupport and SmartNet. By contracting the SmartSupport, the client gains access to Cisco-certified experts for the diagnosis and resolution of incidents that could affect the operation of their equipment. Additionally, by purchasing the SmartSupport, the customer obtains the right to replace defective equipment, with warranty and delivery times directly committed by Cisco.

5. What does Co-Delivery mean?

Co-Delivery is a model authorized by Cisco worldwide, through which Cisco authorizes its most expert Partners to act as co-responsible in the delivery of support services guaranteed by Cisco. Under the Co-Delivery model, Orben serves as the first point of contact for its customers and is responsible for service at Level 1 and 2. Cisco is directly responsible for service at Level 3 and for executing equipment replacement requests.

6. Why doesn't my current partner offer me SmartSupport Co-Delivery?

The Cisco requirements to be able to deliver in Co-Delivery are highly demanding and less than 0.1% of Cisco Partners in Mexico have the authorization to be able to deliver this service in Co-Delivery. To obtain this authorization, Orben underwent an in-depth audit by Cisco, verifying not only our knowledge of Cisco technology, but also our expertise in IT Service Management.

To guarantee compliance with our responsibilities, we have a Service Desk with 24x7x365 coverage, with operation certified under ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards. Our Service Desk is based on an ITSM platform, which is certified in 11 processes such as ” ITIL-Compliant ”by Pink Verify.

7. What do I do in the event of an incident or failure of my SmartSupport-covered equipment?

You simply open a support ticket with the Orben Service Center and your incident will be handled in accordance with the terms of the contracted SLA. Tickets can be opened directly via mail or by calling the Service Center directly. The Service Center is available 7x24x365.

8. What if I need to request an RMA (Equipment Replacement)?

If it is necessary to request replacement of any equipment covered by a SmartSupport policy, Orben will carry out the corresponding diagnosis and, in case the need for replacement is confirmed, the Orben Service Center will process your RMA directly with Cisco and the new equipment It will be delivered by Cisco at your facilities according to the contracted SLA times.

9. If I contract SmartSupport and need an RMA, who guarantees the equipment?

If it is necessary to replace equipment covered by a SmartSupport policy, we will process the RMA directly with Cisco, the replacement equipment will be supplied by Cisco and will come with a factory guarantee. Contracting SmartSupport does not imply any change versus the traditional SmartNet regarding the rights of replacement of defective equipment.

10. What is the scope of support for SmartSupport vs. Traditional SmartNet?

Both services have the same basic scope: Technical support for incident resolution under SLA, replacement of defective equipment and access to operating system and firmware updates. Likewise, both services are authorized by Cisco and the replacement equipment is supplied directly by Cisco under both models. The main differences between the two products are in their operational and economic model.

With SmartSupport, Orben is directly responsible for ensuring the support that the customer requires, including technical interaction with Cisco and, if necessary, the request for equipment replacements.

In the traditional SmartNet model, maintenance requirements have to be reviewed with the Cisco remote TAC and it is the responsibility of the customer to provide the personnel and technical knowledge that may be required by the TAC.

In practice, many customers with SmartNet services are also forced to spend on a maintenance policy from a Cisco partner, who is responsible for coordinating the technical response to any incident. With SmartSupport Co-Delivery, that service is included at no additional cost.

11. Who is Orben Communications?

Orben is a company specialized in IT and Telecommunications services with more than 25 years of experience serving clients in the private and public sectors.

In addition to being certified as a Cisco Gold Partner, we have certifications from more than 20 additional manufacturers and our own Operations Center. In our Operations Center we have Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC) and Service Desk (Service Desk).

All our services operate with 24x7x365 coverage, under ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certification. Orben is owned by EMX Capital, an institutional investor of the “Private Equity” type, with a fund listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Orben is audited every year by an international law firm and its results are reported on a consolidated basis to the CNBV.