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Best practices as value generators in your company

The term best practices is increasingly popular in a diverse range of industries, ranging from strategic planning and direction, through corporate governance, project management, risk management, IT, to business processes in general.

Best practices are designed by experts on the subject in question, who through consultation, consensus and discernment establish standards that will be recognized as such. They are adopted by leading companies in their field that seek to generate value in an effective way through the implementation of processes based on them.

In some industries the term good practices is used as a synonym for best practices, although in the strict sense they are different concepts since good practice must always precede best practice. On the other hand, we tend to confuse methodology with best practices. The methodology is typical of an organization and is the one we adopt and adapt through the implementation of actions, techniques or procedures based on the best practices in the industry.

Developing our own methodology based on best practices, in addition to enabling us to generate value in a more effective way, facilitates the administration of activities and increases the probability of success in our projects and in the operation of the services we provide.

Among the most popular best practices are:

  • Project Management:Establishes the basis for organizations to build methodologies, policies, procedures, rules, tools, techniques and life cycle phases necessary for project management.
  • ITIL: Best practices guide that is applicable to all types of organizations that provide IT services to the business.

It is important that in our organizations the term best practices does not only become a slogan; but rather we seek and strive to make it a lifestyle in the company and to positively impact our culture in all its areas, in this way we can say that our methodology is effective and efficient and that it meets the expectations of all those involved and interested.